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Welcome to Stock Photography Site

Benefits of Becoming a Photographer

  • Give your photographs worldwide exposure by adding them to our online galleries
  • Use our full image upload and gallery management system free of charge
  • Create your own professional photography portfolio
  • Earn money and gain recognition and inquiries by selling your photographs
  • Concentrate on what you like to do and leave the marketing to us


    At, our rate of commission is between 35% to 50% commission on every image sold. Payment for any sales made on your behalf will be issued no later than 30 days from the date we receive payment for the purchased image(s). Our Stock price range is in between $39.00 and $129.00 in different sizes.

General Guidelines

  • We are interested in images related to people, actions, active lifestyles, agriculture, business & economy, industry, modern concepts, technology, 3D art, landscapes, travel, sports, wildlife, cities, beaches, storms, coastlines, mountains, dramatic skies, sunsets, tropical, underwater, Canadian wilderness, nautical, inspirational photographs and seasonal themes - and any other excellent quality images.
  • Submitted images must be sharp, taken with high-resolution digital caremra using high quality lenses only.
  • Images must be well composed. normal images of common subjects (your pet, flowers, sunsets?) most likely will be rejected
  • Use Descriptions & Keywords when submiting your images and for all identifiable persons present in the images please mail a copy of signed model releases.
  • Please note that images are chosen not only by quality but also based on the marketing parameters; if your images are not selected, we encourage you to consider re-submitting some of your best images at a later date

Technical Information:

  • We are only interested in high resolution digital images or high quality scans. Images less than 1500 pixels in height or width will be rejected.
  • Only JPEG/JPG file formats will be accepted at the highest quality level 10 (if saving in Photoshop) (max 6 megabytes each).
  • All images must be artifact-free and color corrected to be considered. Please do your best to color correct, crop and sharpnen with best contrast and brightness settings. We only accept images that are received ready-to-display and use.
  • We request that you do not include imbedded captions, copyright information or electronic watermarks, picture frames or drop shadows as part of the image itself. Galleries will include text indicating that each image is copyrighted.

Submission Instructions:

  • You must be signed up (and logged in) as a photographer to submit sample images. Once you have your best 5 sample images prepared to our required specifications upload them using our upload pages.
  • Review of submissions will be completed within 2-5 days. If your work meets our standards we will activate your account and allows you to upload images.
  • We will do our best to review your submitted images quickly but we make no guarantees on the time frame between receipt of images and review. Plese do not call or email inquiring when your image will be posted on-line.
  • IMPORTANT: The images you submit must be your own. Submitting an image for which you do not own the copyright is a violation of international copyright laws. In the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any copyright infringement, PBase Media Ltd. will fully cooperate with all legal authorities to facilitate copyright enforcement.

Thank you for your interest in submitting images to!
We look forward to seeing your work.



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